Starfish Benefit

The 5th Annual Starfish Benefit is October 1, 2016!  Please mark your calendar! 

Thanks to all our guests, sponsors, event partners, Best of Live ticket buyers, live auction winners and volunteers who made the 4th Annual Starfish Benefit an Amazing Success!


“My therapist is very knowledgeable in all
aspects of counseling.  She has been able
to help me work through a number of things,
above everything; she makes me feel cared
about and important.”
                    -Kayla, Client 

Caring for our Clients is WHAT WE DO!

Making the decision to begin outpatient mental health therapy can be scary and uncertain.  We understand that and do all we can to make our clients feel safe. secure and cared for.

 Life is busy and sometimes keeping up with appointments is hard to do when you are often required to attend weekly sessions.  We strive to help our clients get better as fast as possible though consistent care.

When a client misses an appointment without notice, their therapist calls them during the missed appointment time to check on them and to reset the appointment.  It is our CARE CALL program.  

This advanced level of care is making a BIG difference in the lives of our clients. 

A grandmother shares her heartfelt story.


District Attorney Joe Brown shares his support of CFGC.


Family Counseling

Free Family Empowerment Program

CFGC is pleased to provide a new family support service - the Family Empowerment Program - a FREE customized case management program for caregivers of our child and teen clients.

While the child is in treatment the caregiver is teamed up with a master's level intern who offers support and resources, guidance to better understanding the child's diagnosis and emotional and behavioral problems, parenting skills assistance and help for the caregiver's well-being.  

This free program is  made possible by grants from the United Way of Grayson County, Texoma Health Foundation, WNJ Community Foundation and other generous funders.