Those who choose to have a career helping others heal are true gifts from God!

Client Bella with Jeanne Goodner, LPC S

What Children Want...Is Your Time

I tried to teach my child with books
He gave me only puzzled looks

I tried to teach my child with words                                    
They passed him by, often unheard

Despairingly I turned aside
“How shall I teach this child,” I cried

Into my hands he put the key
“Come,” he said, “Play with me!”

Brenda Hayward, MBA
Executive Director

Jessica Hamilton
Office Manager

Ashley Farrell, MEd
Executive Assistant

Justin Tyler
Behavioral Health Scheduler

Jeanne Evans
Administrative Assistant

Amber Welch
Administrative/Billing Assistant

Clinical Team
The clinical team holds a variety of advanced degrees in psychology, social work, family studies, and licensed professional therapy.

  • Tiffany Dancer, LPC-S, Clinical Director
  • Shirley Allen, LPC
  • Jason Andrew, LPC-S, Assistant Clinical Director
  • Rachel Carey, LPC
  • Melinda Gossett, LPC
  • Phelicia Hughes, LPC-Intern
  • Courtney Lemmond, LPC
  • Beth Lewis, LPC-Intern
  • Stormy Malone, LPC-Intern
  • Jessica Matisoff, LPC-Intern
  • Susan Owen, Ph.D., LPC
  • Lacy Row, Field Experience Intern
  • Alexa Smith-Osborne, Ph.D., LCSW
  • Brianna Stowers, Field Experience Intern
  • Karen Sylvester, LPC
  • John Trader, LPC
  • Sarah Williams, LPC-Intern
  • Robert Hanson, PhD., Licensed Psychologist (in private practice at CFGC)