CFGC is always searching for caring hearts that will help us help those in need.

There are many ways you can get involved and support the center.

Start Today…to Get Involved

Volunteer at the Center

•  Help administrative staff with daily duties such as filing, copies, mailings, etc.

•  Help clinical staff keep the playrooms in great shape by replacing worn/old paint or toys, and sanitize toys.

•  Provide healthy snacks for our children. Individually wrapped snacks are greatly needed and appreciated. Each child receives a snack at the end of their session.

•  Provide new school supplies that we can give to our clients when school is about to start.

•  Purchase $25 Walmart or Target Gift Cards at Christmas time for our neediest children.

•  Consider a leadership role of board governance. Please contact Brenda Hayward, Executive Director, for more information.

•  Join the Starfish Benefit Team by volunteering to help with the event.

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